SELK welcomes the establishment of the Ministry of Research


According to the association’s statement, “the creation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is intended to be a landmark in Cyprus ‘ socio-economic development in order to make the Cypriot economy more competitive and dynamic.”

“We believe that the establishment of the Ministry of Innovation will be able to bring together the various departments related to Research, Innovation and Digital Policy so that a consistent strategy can be devised and implemented that will bring results to the Cypriot economy and society.”, reports SELK General Manager Kyriakos Iordanou.

“At the same time, we are confident that the selection of Kyriakos Kokkinos, a distinguished IT and IT professional with decades of experience in the international and local market will bring the desired results for Cyprus,” he added.

He expresses his congratulations to Mr Kokkinos, while noting that “SELK is at the disposal of the Government and the new Deputy Minister on all matters pertaining to the establishment and operation of the Ministry of Innovation in order to support this effort that is expected to benefit the Cypriot community. economy and society.”