Cryos: The first independent sperm and egg donor bank in Cyprus


Cryos , the largest international bank sperm and ova, based in Denmark, announces the official launch of the first independent bank gamete donors in Cyprus, Nicosia, having received all the permits from the Ministry of Health in order to make a donation, procurement, control, processing, maintenance, distribution, import and export of sperm and ova. As an international company with many years of experience and know-how in cryopreservation, Cryos comes to strengthen the industry of assisted reproduction in our country and to cooperate with all stakeholders, offering services such as sperm and egg donation.

Cryos International was founded in 1987, starting as a sperm bank. It gradually expanded to four locations in Denmark and one in the USA. For the last 5 years she has expanded her field of activities in egg donation and cryopreservation of eggs for medical or social reasons. Its mission is to provide high quality sperm and eggs from selected and tested donors regardless of phenotype and ethnic origin. The Guinness Book of Records lists Cryos as the largest donor base in the world with over 1000 anonymous and non-anonymous donors. Cryos International supplies sperm and eggs to more than 100 countries and has the highest rate of successful pregnancies worldwide.

The specialized team of Cryos in Cyprus, consists of experienced professionals, who follow all the internationally recognized practices applied by the company worldwide and are on the side of donors throughout the process for the donation of sperm and eggs. The company’s state-of-the-art facilities located in Nicosia meet all quality and safety standards, as recommended by Cypriot law and the European Union’s directives on cells and tissues (EUTCD).

The Director of European Operations of Cryos, Saghar Kasiri, stated regarding the expansion of the company in Cyprus:“Cryos’ vision is to help childless families make their dream come true, to have a child, a reality. Following the successful establishment of Cryos Sperm and Egg Bank in the USA, the company seized the opportunity to expand further to meet the demand for good quality sperm and ova in Europe. Cyprus was chosen not only because it has the right infrastructure and regulations for assisted reproduction technologies, which are in line with the European Union Directives on Quality and Safety Standards for Human Tissues, but also because it is a country that is geographically accessible and acts as a bridge. between East and West. We hope that with our presence here and with the provision of high quality sperm and eggs, we will contribute to attracting international patients in the country,

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