Cooperation between Cyprus and Greece in tourism is essential


The intention of the governments of Cyprus-Greece to join forces and to cooperate for the exchange of tourists is a very positive step towards tackling the effects of corona on tourism, the Cyprus Business Association of Greece said in a statement.

The Cyprus-Greece Business Association welcomes this initiative and emphasizes that the two countries can cover part of their losses in tourism, if they give generous incentives to the citizens of their countries to visit Cyprus in the summer.

Furthermore, the Association reiterates its firm recommendation for joint Cyprus-Greece tourism packages, which especially this year can be offered to countries that have reduced cases of corona, with the corresponding health precautions that will apply to tourists.

The Association, as always, will continue to work closely with the Deputy Minister of Tourism of Cyprus and the Directorate of EOT in Cyprus, in order for these initiatives to take flesh and blood for the good of both countries.

Finally, the Association states that it will help as much as possible to advance the close tourist cooperation between Cyprus and Greece, as well as the ferry connection Limassol – Piraeus.