Chinese nationals to sue Greek state for Golden Visa delays


There is dissatisfaction among Chinese people who have invested a minimum of  EUR 250,000 in real estate to earn a Golden Visa. 35 of them are threatening to sue the  Greek state, costing them and their families EUR 10 million, for delays in issuing the long awaited, valuable and highly expensive paper. The visas are supposed to be issued within two months.

The legal process for demanding compensation from the Greek State has just been started up by 35 Chinese citizens who submitted applications for the Golden visa two years ago, “reports daily kathemerini.

They sent “an out – of-court complaint document to the State Decentralized Agency of Attica in December 2019, which is the agency in charge of handling such requests in Athens,” warning that otherwise they were not entitled to immediate residence permits as well as to recognize persons responsible for the delays.

A representative of the plaintiffs said to the day that “no progress has been made up to now” and they are now ready to act in law. Migration Policy Minister Notis Mitarakis sent the daily newspaper a circular on 6 February calling for an acceleration of the application approval process and raised the question of legitimacy in the event that a bmonth has elapsed.

Market sources say however that the competent authorities continue to attempt to prolong this deadline by requesting asylum seekers for more and more documents. As was the case with 35 Chinese citizens allegedly, Kathimerini points out that the two-month clock was reset several times.