At Eurovision 2021, participants will go with a new song !


The organizers of the Eurovision song contest forbade participants to perform in 2021 with the song that they prepared for the 2020 contest. Such a  decision , on Friday, March 20, was adopted by the organizing committee of the competition.

“It was decided that in accordance with the rules of the international Eurovision song contest, this year’s songs are not eligible to be presented in the competition in 2021,” it was informed.

The organizers of the song contest added that each of the participating countries will be able to independently decide which artist to send to the competition in 2021, whether this year’s representative or a new participant.

They also noted that the European Broadcasting Union is exploring the possibility of holding an alternative event to the full-fledged Eurovision 2020 event, which could “entertain Europe in difficult times”, as well as “honor” the songs with which the contestants planned to come to Rotterdam.