Agastiniotis: Parliament has been leading us to worse days since 2013


Despite being a major blow to businesses, the government has rightly withdrawn the bill on state guarantees, KEBE President Christodoulos Agastiniotis told InBusinessNews

According to Mr. Agastiniotis, CCCI never expected that we would reach this point.

“We expected the parliament to show responsibility and find consensus solutions to provide immediate liquidity to the companies that are currently suffocating. The current situation refers to the days of 2013. Parliamentary bankruptcies, layoffs, and a reduction in government revenue are at stake, ”he said.

The CCCI calls on the Parliament to consider its responsibilities and expresses its cry of anguish, demanding that consensus be found immediately so that the bill can be returned and voted on by Parliament.

“In this case, everyone, especially the parliament, must take responsibility,” he said.