86% of patients may not even know that they are infected with Coronavirus


The big problem with trying to stop the spread of coronavirus is that many people have such mild symptoms that they don’t realize that they have an infection. As a result, they can distribute it among others.

A study conducted by Columbia University in New York and published in the journal Science, suggests that 86% – seven out of eight – are not diagnosed and do not realize that they are sick in the early days of the outbreak.

Researchers said that before Wuhan and the surrounding cities found themselves in a closed position, there were seven undiagnosed patients for every person who actually knew he had the virus.

It was found that about half of the cases of coronavirus were transmitted from people who did not know that they were sick. That is why comprehensive testing would be the only reasonable way to stop the spread of the virus, said Jeffrey Shaman of Columbia University, one of the authors of the study.