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French energy giant in Cyprus

HDF Energy, one of the main French independent electricity generating companies, announced its descent to Cyprus. The French giant,...

Chevron and Noble reaffirmed the importance they attach to the Eastern...

The President of the Republic Nikos Anastasiadis had a teleconference with Michael Wirth, CEO of Chevron.Chevron...

Cyprus’ Natural Gas Infrastructure Company secures €80 million financing by EBRD

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) gave the green light for 80 million euros funding to the Natural Gas Infrastructure...

Crypto news

Formula One - World Championship 2020

Verstappen expecting a tough fight for P3 in qualifying as Renault and McLaren impress in Sochi

Max Verstappen had predicted Red Bull would have a tougher fight on their hands in Sochi, and so it proved in Friday practice with the Dutchman only seventh fastest in FP2 and expecting a difficult qualifying.Verstappen has finished in the top three of every race he has completed so far this season, but has also retired on three occasions, including the last two rounds in Italy. Running an updated power unit from Honda that is intended to address the issues he faced at Mugello,...

Tuscan Autumn: Grand Prix “Mugello”

Today Scuderia "Ferrari" celebrates a holiday - the thousandth race! Congratulations! We wish you good luck and success in the new season! The current season for Italians can safely be disastrous. For the holiday, the birthday people prepared a special livery for the cars, of a darker color, corresponding to beautiful overalls. Here, the first corner ... and Max Verstappen says that he is losing engine power. Seconds later, Raikkonen took the lead, and the champion of the last race, Pierre Gasly, swept over him. And here, in parallel, Science turned against...

Successful race: Belgian Grand Prix

Before the start, it was announced that McLaren was filming the N55, Carl Science. He had problems with the diffuser and some other mechanisms. The race started, everything was right ... the first four soared, Esteban Ocon at the start beautifully overtook Albon ... a magic picture ... two Mercedes, Hamilton and Bottas; then Redbull - Maxik Verstappen (nicknamed Tapok), two Renault - Denchik and Esteban; Redbull again ... In the distance, in the middle of bellette, aggressive Pierre Gasly overtook his rivals ... one by one. In general, nothing...

The Perfect ”Menu”. What is the full-fledged Formula 1 calendar for the 2020 season.

This week, Formula 1 returns after a small, already unusual two-week break, along with the fully known 2020 calendar. The leadership of the championship managed to carry out a colossal work and create a set of stages, really worthy of the anniversary season.And even though the intrigue in the fight for the championship title is already ready to order a long life, the very combination of the tracks chosen for the races will make every fan of the "big prizes" look forward...

Expectations did not materialize: Formula 1’s birthday was too calm

The last qualifying at Silverstone ... happened what we expected last week.The well-known failures of Niko Hulkenberg ended on Saturday. Let me remind you that last week he did not even manage to enter the track. The machine refused to work. But finally, after ten years of trying, ten years of intense struggle, the Hulk finished third in qualification. This, of course, is not a guarantee of the podium, but a serious claim for a good position! I'm sure all riders, technical staff and fans will...


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